10 proofs that he will be a great dad

10 proofs that he will be a great dad

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If, on your side, you feel ready to become a mother, what about your half? To make sure that your companion is finally decided to cross the course of fatherhood, here are some small signals that do not deceive.

1. He feels astonished as soon as he sees a baby

If for him everything that wore diapers was a totally unknown species, now, he tries to discover, with laughter, this hitherto unexplored world!

2. He becomes protective

For some time, your other half has surprised you because not only does she take care of you, but she also wants to understand you more closely.

3. He projects himself

"I think you'll be a great mom," he tells you! This is the sign that he imagines your life to many, and that he has chosen you as the future mother of his children.

4. Find out about local maternity homes

As he wants the best for you, he is already starting to establish a small ranking of the most famous maternities in your department!

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