Bambi is "allergic"

Bambi is "allergic"

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Today, Patrick, our Super Nanny, did a "cooking workshop" for his little chefs. Only constraint: Bambi is not entitled to wheat flour ... Let's go.

  • Today, children, I'm going to need your help in cooking! My three boarders stand up as one child and rush towards me.
  • Sam is the brightest, he has already plunged his little hand in the drawer where I put the paper toques brought back from the workshop of the small chefs of a large restaurant and tends two to his acolytes. With their hairstyles, they wait for instructions.
  • The kitchen is ready to face the tsunami. Because something tells me that a beautiful cleaning session will succeed the animation ... Earlier, I cooked apples. Now that they have cooled down, I can give them to Sam.
  • "You cut yourself into small pieces."
  • He rushes on the stool and gets to work.
  • "What do we do as a recipe?" Bambi asks.
  • "A fruit clafoutis."
  • Tristan runs towards a low cupboard and pulls out a packet of flour. For Tristan the gourmand, we must put flour everywhere, because flour = pancakes, cakes = happiness ...
  • "Not that one, she's not good for Bambi."

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