Bambi is here!

Bambi is here!

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Chloe will join kindergarten and leave the small troupe of Super Nanny. Today, we find Patrick, maternal assistant, who welcomes Bambi, the little news that will join Sam and Tristan.

  • That's it, the little news makes us a dazzling demonstration of relaxed walking. I'm not the only one watching her, my two assistants are following her out of the corner of my eye. Sam, 14 months, has found, past the two months of vacation, his post holder behind the plastic workshop and he hammered blindly to lose nothing of this girl's movements. I also think that it marks its territory.
  • This is a workshop exclusively "Samien", it seems to say. As for Tristan, the eldest in the group, almost two and a half years old, he is gradually integrating the idea that this big doll will replace his accomplice of last year.
  • "Where is she cheated?" he asked me.
  • "Go to school, my boyfriend, your new girlfriend is Bambi."
  • "Yes, and Choe, will she come?"
  • I will have to repeat a good moment, until the information goes from his head to his heart. Because his girlfriend Chloe has integrated full-time kindergarten. We will not see her anymore, except perhaps in the square after school.
  • So I recalled Fatou, Bambi's mother, with whom contacts had been made at the end of August. At first surprised, she seemed pleased to know that a man was going to keep his daughter. His driver, a taxi driver, suffers the constraint of staggered hours. One more man in the family landscape seemed good to take ...
  • Bambi paces the place in her pretty floral dress. Its layer reveals two solid ebony thighs. She has not dropped her pacifier since she arrived. I strive to be present for her, without arousing envy among the elders. It's a balancing act ...
  • But after leaving them alone for a few moments, I hear screams. I rush. Bambi makes fountains spring from his eyes. The pacifier lies at his feet. Sam's hammer, strangely arrived at Tristan's feet, lets me guess what may have happened.

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