DIY: the steamboat

DIY: the steamboat

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Here is a recycled craft that will please your sailor! With a box of empty milk, offer him to make a nice steamboat. To play in the bath or on a lake.


  • A box of empty milk (1 liter)
  • Two empty boxes (one larger and one smaller, both must be matched to the can of milk)
  • An empty paper towel roll
  • Water resistant paint and brushes
  • Colored paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A cutter
  • Cotton
  • String
  • Some nail polish


1. Start by thoroughly rinsing the can of milk, then let it dry. With the cutter, cut out most of the box as shown in the drawing. For this step, you can ask the help of an adult.

2. Paint the box of milk to make it look like a boat, the little boxes will be decorated like cabins and the paper towel as the fireplace. Once everything is dry, stick the booths and the chimney on the milk can.

3. Make the roof, windows and railing with colored paper, then glue everything on the boat. Glue some cotton on the chimney to make smoke.

4. For the boat to move on the water, attach a string to the bow. For this, carefully drill a hole in the box with sharpened scissors, pass a string and tie a knot.

Tip: The boat will float better on the water if you cover it with clear varnish.