Rosebud slippers

Rosebud slippers

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Standing well on the feet with their buttoned bridle, these rosebud slippers are made in garter stitch and jersey. This model was presented in the March-April 2013 issue of.

Unique size


Quality Relaxation of Phildar (93% acrylic and 7% elastane): 1 ball color White; 1 ball color PearlQuality Pretty Phil of Phildar (100% polyamide): 1 ball color Strawberry Needles n ° 3 2 pressures


Jersey end. : * 1 row from RS, 1 row from WS * always repeat these 2 rowsSleeve approx. : * 1 row in reverse, 1 row in place * repeat these 2 rows alwaysPt mousse: tric. always at the end.


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.10 cm of jersey, aig. n ° 3 = 30 m. and 46 rgs


Start with the sole.Mount 38 m., Aig. No. 3, col. White, tric. 10 rows of stockinette st. Mark 2 sts. heat. of a colored thread.Tric. 4 rows of foam (2 bars) making 1 increase. at ch. end and ch. next to the 2 m. heat. (4 increases on the rg) 4 fs in the tot. ts the 2 rgs.On gets 54 m. Cont. in jersey end. collar. Pearl for 12 rgs.Form the top of the foot as follows: Leave the 22 m on the standby. ends and knitting. on the 10 m. heat. as follows: Tric. 9 m. end., 2 m. ens. to the end. by pricking the eagle. right in the 10th m. and in the 1st m. m. left waiting, turn the work. 9 m. approx., 2 m. ens. approx. by pricking the eagle. right in the 10th m. and in the 1st m. m. left on hold.Repeat these suns on top of each other until there are 15 sts remaining. on the ends.Tric. 2 rows of foam on all sts. and rab. Tric. a second slipper similar.

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