17 cookie recipes to devour

17 cookie recipes to devour

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To your cookies! Chocolate, hazelnut, carambar, M & M, walnuts or even roquefort or olives ... our recipe ideas 100% 100% gourmet cookies i

17 cookie recipes to devour (17 pics)

Hazelnut chocolate cookies

To please the whole family, prepare a gourmet snack. Serve these wonderful chocolate and hazelnut cookies. Taste them warm or cold with a large glass of milk.

See the chocolate hazelnut recipe recipe

Strawberry, carambar and white chocolate cookies

In this recipe for cookies, find your cute sins: strawberry and carambar. This is an opportunity for you to test your culinary skills.

See the recipe for strawberry, carambar and white chocolate cookies

White chocolate chip cookies

Feel free to try new recipes to impress the whole family. Prepare these cookies with white chocolate chips, they keep well and can be served at any time with chocolate or milk.

See the recipe for White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Multicolored cookies at M & M

Are you preparing for your child's snack? Get started in this multi-colored cookie recipe at M & M'S. Your cookies will be a hit, be sure!

See Multicolored Cookies recipe at M & M

Hazelnut Cookies

You will not find a better recipe for cookies to impress your gourmands. Very simple to make, these small biscuits are however very refined and absolutely divine.

See the recipe for hazelnut cookies

White chocolate pistachio cookies

The special taste of pistachio is a marvel when combined with the sweetness of white chocolate. Discover this recipe of cookies that will delight young and old.

See the recipe of cookies Pistachio white chocolate

Choco-marshmallow cookies

Indulge your eyes and palate with this recipe for cookies. Chocolate, peanut butter, salted peanuts, marshmallows ... these cookies have everything to make you melt with happiness!

See the recipe for choco-marshmallow Cookies

Chocolate chips cookies

Discover the original recipe of the real American cookie and give free rein to your culinary talent to realize it. Young and old will delight with pleasure!

See the recipe for Chocolate chips cookies

Cookies with pecans and chocolate chips

To give more flavor to your chocolate cookies, add some pecans. You'll see, it's exquisite and this recipe will only take you 35 minutes.

See the Recipe for Pecan Cookies and Chocolate Chips

Cookies with nuts and dark chocolate

Walnut and dark chocolate form a perfect duo. Combine them to make these soft cookies. You only need 20 minutes of preparation.

See the recipe for cookies with nuts and dark chocolate

Hearty Cookies with Salted Butter Caramel and Fallow Deer

This recipe is so simple that it will be a game for you. 30 minutes of preparation for nice crunchy hearts with salted butter caramel, it's the ideal!

See the Recipe for Heart Cookies with Salted Butter Caramel and Fallow Deer

Chocolate mint cookies

For a complete snack, make these delicious and crunchy cookies. The freshness of mint goes well with chocolate. The children will feast!

See the recipe of cookies chocolate mint

Cookies with nuts, nougatine and chocolate chips

Discover this very easy recipe of nougatine cookies. In 30 minutes, you will have enough to satisfy the little gourmands of the house.

See the recipe for cookies with nuts, nougatine and chocolate chips

Cookies with 2 chocolates

To fill a desire of candy, prepare these delicious cookies with two chocolates of which you will tell us news!

See the recipe for cookies with 2 chocolates

Banana-chocolate cookies

Just the smell, these cupcakes give you mouth watering. This recipe combines banana and chocolate, two ingredients that always go together.

See the banana-chocolate cookie recipe

Roquefort and walnut cookies

Let yourself be tempted by an original recipe of salty cookies! The flavor of the walnut soften the pronounced taste of Roquefort cheese. These delicious crispy cookies will wreak havoc.

See the recipe for Roquefort and walnut cookies

Cookies with olives

For an aperitif, opt for this original recipe of salty cookies with olives. Guests will be delighted to taste these small scented and crunchy appetizers.

See the recipe of Cookies with olives