How to celebrate his first birthday?

How to celebrate his first birthday?

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A year already for your little one! An important date for you, and for him, which deserves to be celebrated as it should be. Here are our tips for organizing a party adapted to his age and his tastes.

What do we do for his first birthday?

  • Your child is still too small to organize a whole afternoon of activities, but nothing prevents you to invite one or two children his age (children of your friends or crèche friends) at home, time for a snack. Just make sure it does not drag on so that it does not get tired. One or two hours is already good.
  • For this little party to be successful, bet on the decoration with some balloons and why not a banner. The more colorful it is, the more it will love! For the animations, go to the essential: his favorite games and some nursery rhymes will make him completely happy. At this age, he is indeed very sensitive to music and enjoy kicking and playing with small instruments.
  • He goes to the nursery? Why not bring a cake? Most institutions allow it. Just talk to the director before because some structures will prefer a savanna-type cake, to ensure the traceability of the ingredients (and prevent any allergies). Do the same if he goes to the nanny.

What cake?

  • At 1 year, your little gourmand has begun to diversify, but the palette of his tastes is not yet very varied. The safest way to avoid disappointment is to play the card of simplicity with a cake without pieces: pound cake, yogurt cake or, why not, a jam roll, according to your child's tastes. For the form, there are molds with the image of his favorite characters, think about it! And of course, no birthday cake without a candle! Even if your child will not be able to blow it alone he will be fascinated by this glittering flame, especially if it is a model that turns on itself! Just make sure he can not catch it and tie the little girls' hair.
  • You can organize a snack or a brunch according to the chosen time. For brunch, plan tasty little sandwiches and varied salads for the guests. For baby, fluffy bites, cheese cubes and other easy-to-eat things. At 1 year, think that some babies will have teeth ... and others will not. Also beware of peanuts and sweets, dangerous if swallowed by a toddler! Remember that at this age, the curious have an unfortunate tendency to put everything in their mouths ...

Immortalize this moment

  • If you will remember all your life of this unique day, still think to take some shots, so that your child can look at them when he will be bigger. Prefer a camera to your phone, the quality will be better if you want to develop them or print them.

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