Love at first sight at the PMI

Love at first sight at the PMI

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Today, Patrick our Super Nanny takes Sam and Lubin to the PMI. The opportunity for our two elves to have fun and meet ... especially Lubin who found a lover!

  • In the eyes of Bambi, we do not exist anymore. She entered her classroom, under the tender gaze of the mistress, Florence, and rushed to the label of her name she always rush to magnetize on the board of presences.
  • On tiptoe, we go upstream against the flow of the corridor. Direction, the bus: Lubin, Sam and I are going to the PMI for our ritual visit. A quarter of an hour later, we push the glass door and win the premises reserved for childminders.
  • When I arrive, a handful of colleagues, whom I know for the most part, are already in full discussion. Before joining them, I lead Lubin and Sam to the heart of the vast activity room where other children frolic in chorus.
  • Sam, who has been here twice, goes straight to a chest at the corner of the room. He draws a brew of Brio rails with the convoy that goes with it and embarks on a pharaonic construction site that consists of making a railway junction between the two ends of the piece. Among the curious, he is not long in recruiting two consulting engineers according to a sophisticated technique. He asks them: "We play?" ... and they play!

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