Double call

Double call

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The beautiful days are finally here. To celebrate, Super Nanny takes Chloe, Tristan and Sam to the park. While Sam is having fun in the sandbox, a mother asks Super Nanny to keep her baby so that she can pick up her son at Judo. No time to refuse, she's already gone!

  • Good weather on the horizon, the square opens its doors! Chloe and Tristan swing on the swing, Sam is already at work in the sandbox.
  • "Sam, as soon as you find oil, you warn me, okay?"
  • We laugh on the bench next door. A woman, the cell phone in the ear, prints with a hand a swaying stroller in front of her. The laughs did not concern me. She speaks so loud that she can not hear the baby's crying. Me, they saw me inside. She hangs up, the phone rings again and another exciting exchange takes over. Irritated, I turn away. Not long.
  • "Oh damn !" The woman got up like a spring and consulted her watch. "I have to get his brother back at Judo, I'm late, can you keep me Camille for five minutes?" I hurry!
  • And she rolls the stroller towards me in authority. No time to answer ... she left!
  • I am forbidden. Crying brings me back to reality. I lean towards the stroller, pick the baby up and offer him a walk. He calms down while I get angry all alone. Swollen next to the bench!
  • The minutes drag on. Finally, I see her appear, holding a little boy by the hand.

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