Ecolo crib: a label for green cribs

Ecolo crib: a label for green cribs

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In order to make children and their parents aware of the environment as soon as possible, the Mediterranean Environment Workshop has devised the label "Ecolo-crib".

In 2006, Claire Escriva, ecotoxicologist and director of the Mediterranean Workshop on the Environment, imagined in Marseille the Ecolo nursery approach to educate the little ones and their parents about the environment.

Ecolo-crib, what is it?

  • The Ecolo nursery project was born to meet a growing demand from parents and nursery staff in terms of environmental advice. Organic food, washable diapers, vegetable garden ... the demands are many but not always easy to set up. Ecolo-crib is there to help schools through an environmental management system and adapted to each kindergarten.
  • Breathe better, Eat well, Renew, Save ... the 4 key words of this project.

How to obtain the label ?

  • This is done step by step, in the respect of the rhythm of the teams. The professionals are accompanied step by step according to the needs of the nursery. They benefit from adapted training: environmental project management, environmental education for the field of early childhood, cleaning without polluting, educational day nursery, parent forum.
  • Today, 150 nurseries are involved in the Ecolo nursery approach throughout France.
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