She wants to dress like a big

She wants to dress like a big

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No more flying dresses and tutus. Your "big" wants the jewels, the frous-frous, the miniskirt, the varnish .... Your little princess of yesterday plays the woman in miniature and wants to dress like a teenager. On one side, his coquetry softened you. On the other hand, you are afraid that she has a bad gender or matures too early.

For a little girl, want to dress like a big girl, it's natural

  • Your daughter starts to ogle on the side of the primary school and now wants to play in the big leagues. She undergoes emulation of girlfriends and wants to prove that she is no longer a baby.
  • At this age, little girls have a great admiration for their mother. Yours wants your heels, your lipstick, your handbag ... This identification movement is a normal stage of its development. In no way does it mean that it is early.
  • The eyes of adults often misrepresent or interpret reality. It's not because your daughter dreams of wearing makeup that she has suddenly grown in maturity. The mistake would be to suddenly see it bigger than it is. Dreaming of being a woman is good of her age. It's a classic, just like the desire to be a princess one or two years ago. Take a step back!

Enter (a little) in his game!

  • Create a space at home where she can "play mom". Take off the sequins, the boas and the rhinestones and invite her to disguise herself. You can put makeup, nail polish, and why not invite his girlfriends to the party, with the connivance of moms. The kids love the outfits. It's important not to deprive them of their games and encourage them to defuse tensions.
  • Offer him choices. Does she prefer her pink T-shirt or her white blouse to go to school? While supervising her outfit, you give her the feeling of being dressed as she wishes. Be political. First go alone to the stores to make up the bulk of her wardrobe, then come back with her and pass her some quirks. A blouse frous-frous on a skirt wise, it is not a problem!
  • All these moments are precious for your daughter, eager for female connivance. You position yourself as a guide and elder, and are then much better placed to set the rules of the game.

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