Gluten intolerance, what solutions?

Gluten intolerance, what solutions?

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Since you add flour to his bottle ... your baby is cranky, refuses to eat and his little belly is swollen. It is without doubt an intolerance to gluten!

What is gluten?

  • he is a set of proteins contained in four cereals barley, rye, oats and wheat. It is recognized in France as the main cause of intolerance to gluten.
  • We talk about intolerance because, unlike allergies that occur within minutes or hours after taking a food, the outbreaks do not occur immediately. In France, 1 child under 1 year of 2500 is concerned.

Gluten intolerance ? Symptoms sometimes delayed

  • This intolerance can be triggered at the time of dietary diversificationat about 4-6 months after the introduction of a flour or food containing one of these four cereals.
  • The first symptoms appear one to six months after the addition of gluten... and sometimes only years later.
  • Loss of appetite, weight, bloated belly and diarrhea are the symptoms of this intolerance. Most often, your baby is also sad and apathetic.

A digestive disease with genetic susceptibility

  • Also called celiac diseasethis intolerance has repercussions on the intestinal mucosa. It absorbs nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc.), which can lead to weight loss for your toddler.
  • There is a genetic "susceptibility". This means that, for the carrier of the gene or genes responsible, the disease will not necessarily be revealed, but is likely to develop if certain factors are met. If he is concerned, your child will remain intolerant to gluten throughout his life.

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