Childbirth and full moon, myth or reality?

Childbirth and full moon, myth or reality?

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Would the full moon have an influence on childbirth? The belief is tenacious. Since Antiquity, the lunar star symbolizes the feminine. For scientists, if the moon can produce effects on our body, the link with the frequency or the good course of deliveries remains to be established.

Full moon: a bit of history

  • In Greek mythology, the moon is called Selene. In love with Zeus and in love with a shepherd, she would have had a total of 52 girls. The death of his brother Helios precipitates hers: Selene is simply inconsolable. At his death, the gods, moved by his grief, would then have changed into stars. In the Middle Ages, it was linked to witches and witchcraft, before being rehabilitated by writers who now unite to love and intuition. Eighteenth card of the Tarot, the moon is also associated with the unconscious and fertility.

The moon, an instrument of time measurement

  • Natural satellite of the Earth, the moon makes a continuous rotation around our planet. The full moon corresponds to the moment when the star is fully illuminated by the sun. Before you do that, you have to do a 29-day rotation. However, this duration coincides with a day close to the menstrual cycle of the woman who is, meanwhile, an average duration of 28 days. This proximity, combined with the image of the round and full moon, inevitably refers to the image of the future mother.

The force of gravitational attraction: a helping hand to give birth?

  • The force of lunar attraction has multiple consequences on soils and tides. In humans, attraction would also have an effect on the nervous system, melatonin, hypothalamus and the blood system. Thus, the circulation of the blood would be more fluid, the veins more inflated and it would be more difficult to find sleep. From there to imagine that lunar gravity predisposes to childbirth, there is only one step.
  • Nevertheless, at present, no study has been able to show an increase in the number of deliveries during moonlit nights, as there are no more miscarriages or malformations during these nights. These superstitions and the sayings that refer to it are from another time.

Full moon and unconscious

  • If you believe in the power of the full moon and if you are a sensitive person, it is possible that your unconscious mind is influenced by this deep belief. Your delivery can occur on a moonlit evening because you have longed for it. And the honeymoon with your baby can start!

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