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Friendly, caring, funny and careful at the same time, Patrick, maternal assistant, inherited the nickname Super Nanny. A pearl of sorts ... Today is Chloe's birthday. Let's meet them!

  • Today is not a day like the others: Chloe celebrates her 2 years.
  • By tabling this morning, Sebastien, his dad, left chocolate éclairs wide enough to plant the two candles that will mark the event. Sam, the youngest of the troupe, will be entitled to a birthday compote ...
  • Parents gone, I inflate some balloons. The children's eyes are rounding off too. The first is immediately seized by the two big boys who start a game of volleyball.
  • Because of the slowness of the ball, it takes on a ballet-like appearance on the moon. The other balloons decorate the place.
  • During the morning, while Sam works standing up (sitting, standing, sitting ...) in front of his studio, Tristan and Chloe join the antechamber of the Louvre.
  • Wearing an apron, they paint on large sheets hanging on the wall a choreography of pure colors. I sign for them at the tip of the brush and take some pictures of the artists.
  • At the end of the meal, I take out the cakes and light the candles. Chloe claps her hands.

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