10 magical moments of pregnancy

10 magical moments of pregnancy

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Magic moments, there will be plenty during your pregnancy ... hundreds, thousands or more! In writing, we chose 10 because they are probably the most wonderful. We let you judge ... share, comment!

Karine Ancelet

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10 magical moments of pregnancy (10 photos)

1. See the test display ... POSITIVE!

A late period, the feeling of having swollen breasts ... It's time to do a pregnancy test, one of the most moving moments, the sign that a beautiful adventure begins. It is by detecting the hormone chorionic gonadotrophin or beta-hCG in your urine that the test will confirm your condition. To validate then with a blood test.
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2. Share the good news ... first in love

If he has not watched the test with you, it is, of course, the first person with whom you will share this good news ... normal! "We'll have a baby!", That emotions in perspective for you as for him. Come on, let's savor you!
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3. Make the first echo ... and the following

This is the most impressive and the most moving this first ultrasound, because it is the first meeting with your future baby by interposed screen. Called ultrasound of "embryonic morphology", it is performed between the 11th and 13th week of amenorrhea (counting from the first day of the last period), the 9th and 11th week of pregnancy.
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4. Feeling baby's movements ... even kicking

"It moves, my baby moves!" The first time, it is only a tickling and an incredible moment where you realize that, in the hollow of your belly, lives and grows a "little man". It is most often around 4-5 months of pregnancy that baby makes its presence felt ... and then it will chained after many antics, including at night!
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5. Being pampered by the (future) dad ... and the others

It is good to feel protected, surrounded, cherished during these nine months ... by his man, of course, but also by his family, his family, his colleagues, and even strangers who (dream a little ...) will give you willingly their place in transport or queues in front of this belly so cute. Take advantage because after the birth, all eyes will be (mainly) turned to baby!

6. Play the name game ... the big winner? Baby!

"THE" name ... his choice is a sacred responsibility and sometimes a real headache! It reflects not only your taste for you, parents, but sometimes also your story, your dreams, your hopes ... Our advice: do as you feel ... and look for good ideas in all our Name Guide!
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7. Buy your first pij '... and many other things mini all mimi

No mother has forgotten the day when, at the end of pregnancy, she bought the first pair of pajamas or bodysuits for her unborn baby. A small piece of clothing chosen with great care ... The first baby clothes, they are the ones who will wrap at birth and take over the uterine envelope. To choose with love ... but, here, we trust you!

8. Paint and decorate a nice cozy nest

It's still a magical moment ... one that allows you to project, to dream! Preparing a cozy cocoon for baby is a wonderful mission of late pregnancy to share with dad because for you, no question of too much effort either! Our advice: let yourself be a little violent, do not overdo decor, night light, and soft toys. Calmness (and security) is, first and foremost, the best ally of a toddler's sleep.
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9. Do not see your feet anymore ... practice on the scales

Oulala ... it's pushing the guy! At one point, it will become difficult, then impossible, to see what is happening under your belly button (or how many kilograms are displayed on the scale). It is usually at this time that the desire to give birth begins to be urgent ... a little like your desires to pee!
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10. Know that we will become a beautiful and big family

Whether it's your first pregnancy or not ... she announces that you will be full of happiness for the next few years!